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Top 5 Ways Your Products are Damaged During Shipping

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Feature image for 5 Ways Your Products are Damaged During Shipping - shows 4 damage parcels with shipping labels.

In the sphere of e-commerce, where packages traverse the globe, you want to ensure your products arrive unscathed.

In this article, we look at the common causes of product damage and some eye-opening statistics. Perhaps most importantly, we will show you how to fortify your shipments against these perils.

Building Trust Through Quality Packaging:

After your product leaves your business, it's in for a wild ride. Think rough turbulence, unpredictable weather, and many handlers in a hurry. Imagine your product arriving at your customer's door looking like it has been through all that - not the best first impression!

Damaged goods mean unhappy customers, as well as a tarnished brand reputation. When your products get damaged in transit, there are additional expenses too - return costs, replacement costs, more handling time, and extra packaging material!

The heart-wrenching truth is that 80% of people surveyed say they would return a product damaged during shipping. But here's the twist - you can flip this narrative.

When you use good quality packaging from the start, your products should arrive safely and look as good as when you sent them. It’s not just about preventing dings and dents, it's about delivering on your promises. Using good quality packaging is your way of saying, "We care about what you ordered, and we want you to love it."

5 Reasons Products Get Damaged During Shipping

By the time goods arrive at distribution centers, around 11% are damaged. Behind every damaged shipment lies a common culprit: inadequate packaging materials.

1. Packaging Void Space

If your products can move around in the box, it can lead to unwelcome collisions and damage. Even with just one item in a box with extra space, if the box gets crushed or damaged, there is nothing to protect your product from damage too. 

Solution: Opt for packaging that fits snugly and use cushioning materials like bubble wrap, paper void fill, or innovative honeycomb paper wrap to reduce movement inside the box. Wrap-around packaging with variable height to fit your items is ideal, particularly for books. For a range of products, our FlyPac boxes has two large wings that fold inwards, designed especially to hold your products in place during transit. You reduce the need for extra void fill as well! 

2. Flimsy Packaging Material

If the outer packaging is not robust enough, the packaging could be easily damaged or torn during the rough and tumble of the shipping journey. Your items will then be exposed and unprotected, resulting in damaged corners and broken products. 

Solution: Choose good quality, durable packaging materials that match the shipping conditions and the nature of your products. Always consider the weight of your products and whether you need to use stronger packaging. At the Packaging Club, we have double wall corrugated, heavy-duty cardboard boxes that rate above average for box compression tests.

3. Insufficient Packaging Labels

Think of labeling as a conversation between your package and its handlers. For example, if your parcel doesn’t indicate that the item is fragile, then it might not get the care it deserves and be handled like a basketball. 

Solution: The right labels help ensure your package is treated with respect. So, slap on that fragile label to remind handlers that your item needs a gentle touch. With custom-printed packaging tape, you can customise your packaging to your brand and include shipping instructions.

4. Weather Damage:

Your product will go through many different transits to get to its destination. Exposure to the weather during shipping can weaken and damage packaging material and potentially damage your product too.

Solution: Good quality packaging, with suitable protective wrap and fill will help provide a barrier for your products. Using high-quality tape with strong adhesion will also help keep your parcel sealed and safe. 

5. Packaging Tampering:

Throughout the shipping process, your parcel can be at risk of tampering. Poorly sealed or damaged packages can be particularly vulnerable to theft, tampering, and further damage.

Solution: You can help ensure the integrity of your products by sealing your packages securely with strong adhesive tape, tamper-evident seals, or security labels (including custom printed tape). For valuable items, our crash lock boxes with an interlocking base provide an added layer of security over standard crash lock packaging. Our flagship product, FlyPak, provides extra security with interlocking side tabs and solid construction. FlyPak has also been approved by DPD, passing all impact, tamper evidence, and security tests with flying colours.

Wrapping It Up

When you want to protect your products during shipping, it starts with good packaging choices. In a world where reviews and recommendations have a huge impact on your business, the safe arrival of your packages helps you secure those five-star reviews and repeat business. 

So, give your products the treatment they deserve – wrap them up like the valuable gems they are, and let your packaging choices tell a story of trust, quality, and a smooth journey.

This article was written by...

EJ Sinclair

I’m a research advisor and writer. I write on a range of topics, and I’m always interested in expanding my fields. My background and Masters degree are in aviation technology, which I can apply to an array of industries.My goal is to provide readers with interesting perspectives that are both informative and engaging.When I'm not writing or working, I like spending time with my family, reading good books, going on interesting walks with my dog, or exploring new cycling paths. Always looking up at the sky.

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