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Meet FlyPak®

Ecommerce Packaging Reinvented

Packaging for Three Mobile
This truly unique ecommerce box has been specifically designed to address internet retailers' most common packaging pain points.
We make Postal Packaging for Sky
We make Postal Packaging for Mattel Toys
We make Postal Packaging for Unipart
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FlyPak® Designed to Save you Time and Money

If your business already uses crash lock boxes to ship products, then an upgrade to the FlyPak should be an absolute no-brainer!
  • Price - cost neutral upgrade over crash lock boxes.
  • Efficiency - reduction in labour costs thanks to rapid pop-up construction and more efficient storage.
  • Consolidate - rigid variable-height retention system means one box size can be used to ship a variety of product sizes.
  • Security - reduction in returns due to damage or theft.
  • Branding - can be printed single sided for additional cost savings, yet still display artwork under the lid
  • Sustainability - certified sustainable, recyclable, paper-based and plastic free by design
  • Optimise - supplied flat and at only 2 ply thick, it's efficient to palletise and requires less storage
FlyPak - Flat to assembled in 3 seconds - pop up packaging for ecommerce
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Packaging Tested & Approved by DPD

The FlyPak has been independently tested and approved by DPD, and has passed all of their stringent impact and security tests. The FlyPak is designed to ship high value items such as cosmetics, mobile phones and more in style.

Featuring 2 large wings that fold inwards, the FlyPak is able to hold your products in place during transit to reduce breakages and eliminate or reduce void fill. What's more, it's the same cost per unit as standard crash-lock boxes, with none of the drawbacks.
Since going live with the FlyPak a customer shipping high value consumer electronics has reported a 78% reduction in theft.
(Independent white paper coming soon)
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Ecommerce Packaging with Integrated Retention

Ecommerce Packaging that removes void fill variable height
The patented retention system used by the FlyPak offers additional branding real estate for a truly ground-breaking unboxing experience.

Our design team specialise in packaging theatre and will enable you to get the most out of our state-of-the-art 4 colour flexographic printing press. We'll provide you with conceptual visuals prior to sign off and help you to create a lasting impression with your customers.
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Consistent Supply

Backed by multiple UK based manufacturing sites, each with stock holding.
Warehousing distribution packaging supply for large ecommerce businesses

Reduced Cost

Our patented FlyPak is simple to manufacture, so costs less to produce.


FSC certified, sustainable, plastic free and printed with eco friendly inks.
Paper Packaging made from material sourced from sustainable forests
Ecommerce Packaging that removes the need for void fill material

Upgrade your Crash Lock Boxes at no Additional Cost

Thanks to its efficient design, the FlyPak typically costs the same or even less to manufacture than a standard crash lock box. It also has none of the security drawbacks associated with crash lock bases and benefits from a unique variable-height retention system and pop-up construction.
Interested in learning more about how FlyPak can benefit your ecommerce business or 3PL? Contact us below.
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