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Water Activated Tape & Dispensers - Saving You Time & Money

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Water Activated Tape (Tegrabond) and tape dispensers

If you're looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to secure your packages, water activated tape and their dispensers are the solution for you.

Water activated tape - also known as Tegrabond or gummed paper tape - and their manual or automatic dispeners, offer several advantages over manual hand-applied taping methods, including:

  • Improves total packing efficiency by up to 21%, with a 16% increase in the number of packages sealed per hour (SGS independent test).
  • Reduces tape usage by up to 50% compared to hand applied packing tape.
  • Reduces repetitive motion injuries and increases productivity.
  • More reliable seal when compared with plastic tape.
  • Eco-friendly materials and glues, improved unboxing experience.
  • Comparably cheaper to customise that acrylic tapes with your brand message and logos.

All of the above points ultimately result in savings for your ecommerce business or dispatch and warehouse operations.

With superior adhesion, tear resistance, tamper evidence, and environmental savings - water activated tape offers the complete package for any business. The special adhesive on this tape activates when wet and provides a fast, secure packing solution that will not fail in transit.

How Water Activated Tape Can Speed up Your Dispatch

Water activated tape can be applied quickly and accurately with the help of tape dispensers. With fast application times, businesses can save time and money.

eco friendy packing tape and dispenser
Water activated tape and gummed paper tape dispenser

In contrast to standard plastic tape, water activated tape adheres directly to the carton. The glue on the underside of the tape is activated by moisture, which then forms a strong, durable bond with the carton fibres.

Other tape does not always stick well to surfaces, making it difficult to apply correctly. Packers often use multiple strips of tape to secure a box. The seal is often varied, creating the need to check and apply additional strips of tape. This takes more time, slowing dispatch per package. The strong bond achieved by using water activated tape however means you only require one strip to secure a package. Applying fewer stripes per carton saves dispatch time - and money.

If you look at what high-speed dispatch companies are using, like Amazon, water activated tape is the way to go! Water-activated packing tape, as opposed to plastic tape, can make eCommerce operations 21% more efficient.

A reliable water activated tape dispenser can also help to speed up tape application. A dispenser is used to apply the water to the tape, and automated electronic units can be programmed to dispense specific lengths to fit your packages and reduce wastage. Our tape dispenser machines are easy to use, helping your employees be more productive. Increased productivity equals faster dispatch and reduced business costs.

Using Water Activated Tape to Save Money and Minimise Tape Usage

Using fewer strips of tape reduces tape consumption too! Plastic tape is often cheaper per square foot, but once you factor in the number of strips of tape needed per package, water activated tape becomes a more affordable and effective option.

Water activated tape adheres so well to surfaces and is so reliable that a single strip is all that's needed to securely keep a package closed. Many packers will typically apply several overlapping strips of plastic tape to ensure the seal holds, especially if the carton is pre-used or made with lower-quality materials - but this isn't necessary with water activated tape.

Custom printed water activated (tegrabond) gummed paper tape
Branded water activated tape

Pre-programmed dispensers are also handy to cut the perfect tape length each time. By dispensing the tape in pre-selected lengths, you avoid wasting material due to either having too much or too little. Our lever-operated tape dispensers are easy to set and use, as are our pre-programmable electronic dispensers that give desired tape length at the touch of a button. We also offer a sturdy manual option (that is particularly easy to clean and maintain) if you already have a knack for eyeing the length yourself.

Additionally, one layer of tape looks cleaner. Coupled with high-quality cardboard boxes, your package will have a more professional appearance. This can be important when you are trying to make a good impression on customers and gives your business a more polished look.

3 Additional Benefits of Water Activated Tape

1. It's Eco-friendly:

Sustainability is a top concern for many consumers nowadays. Water activated tape is an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. This eco-friendly paper tape uses natural starch adhesive gum instead of chemicals to form an immediate and strong bond. As the name suggests, the gum is activated by water. Water-activated tape is actually stronger than regular acrylic or hot-melt plastic packaging tape.

Our selection of water activated tape comes in kraft paper or reinforced paper forms. These tapes are easy to recycle and don't need to be separated from the carton. They also don't leave any residue that pollutes or causes damage to recycling plants.

2. Easy to customise:

You can print your branding onto the tape itself, allowing you to brand your packaging cheaply. This is a more economical option than bespoke runs of packaging, which often come with minimum order quantities and additional printing plate costs.

3. Protects your shipments:

Water activated tape provides a dependable seal for your packages that will remain intact during transit, unlike plastic tape which often lifts up and exposes the contents to damage or theft. With water activated tape your products stay safe, saving your business money by preventing product loss, as well as associated product replacement costs - like repeated dispatch and additional tape!

The Perfect Packing Tape Choice for Ecommerce Businesses

Water activated tape is a more affordable (longer term) and effective option than plastic packing tape, with a number of additional benefits that can save your business time and money. A reliable seal with one layer of tape speeds up dispatch time and reduces tape use while providing a cleaner and more professional appearance.

It's eco-friendly too. The paper and gum used in this product are gentle on the environment and can be recycled easily; also you use less tape! You can rest assured knowing that you're meeting your customers' expectations.

This is the perfect choice for sustainability conscious businesses looking to reduce packaging dispatch time and tape consumption.

Interested in learning more about how water activated tape can save your business money? Talk to The Packaging Club today.

This article was written by...

EJ Sinclair

I’m a research advisor and writer. I write on a range of topics, and I’m always interested in expanding my fields. My background and Masters degree are in aviation technology, which I can apply to an array of industries.My goal is to provide readers with interesting perspectives that are both informative and engaging.When I'm not writing or working, I like spending time with my family, reading good books, going on interesting walks with my dog, or exploring new cycling paths. Always looking up at the sky.

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One comment on “Water Activated Tape & Dispensers - Saving You Time & Money”

  1. Sinclair, this is an excellent post! The growing e-commerce industry has increased the need for water-activated tape. When applied, water-activated tape physically attaches to the carton and creates a tamper-evident seal on the cardboard containers. Furthermore, water-activated tape dispensers are stationary and may be adjusted to dispense the correct length of tape needed to seal a box, giving it a classy look. Independent studies show that using water-activated tape and a gummed paper tape dispenser boosts packer productivity by 20%.

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