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Book Wraps

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Book Wrap Packaging 216 x 151 x 0-51mm
Expandable Packaging
Fits Large Letter
Peel & Seal
£10.53 - £918.72
£0.207(ex. VAT)
Book wrap mailer carrying two kids games
Expandable Packaging
Fits Large Letter
Peel & Seal
£10.01 - £877.52
£0.227(ex. VAT)
Photo of a Book wrap with a popular family card game on top
Expandable Packaging
Fits Large Letter
Peel & Seal
£11.81 - £801.79
£0.276(ex. VAT)
Large book wrap mailer holding a fact book about animals
Expandable Packaging
Fits A4 Paper
Fits Large Letter
Peel & Seal
£22.33 - £982.52
£0.443(ex. VAT)
Large book wrap for shipping big box games, puzzles, books and maps
Expandable Packaging
Peel & Seal
£18.75 - £626.40
£0.69(ex. VAT)

Need faster fulfilment and consolidated packaging? Our new and improved corrugated book wraps are more efficient. These book wrap mailers are not only incredible value for money, they're also made to a very high standard. Features include:

  • Wrap around design with variable height
  • Wide perforation strip for easy unboxing
  • Ultra strong hot melt glue sealing with fast release paper
  • Packs in less than 3 seconds
  • Produced by multiple UK manufacturers for consistent supply


Book Wrap Mailers: The Perfect Solution for Secure Ecommerce and Book Shipping

Are you in the business of books? When it comes to shipping and distributing books and ecommerce orders alike, ensuring their safe arrival in perfect condition is essential. That's where book wrap mailers come to the rescue! Book wrap mailers (also known as book wraps, postal wraps, book mailers) are  specially designed packaging materials that provide maximum protection and security for books during transit. They are created with the specific purpose of safeguarding books from any damages that may occur while being shipped or distributed.

These mailers are specifically crafted to fit books snugly, eliminating the need for added padding or excessive packaging materials. Their sturdy construction ensures that books remain intact and remain protected from potential impacts, moisture, or any other external factors that could potentially harm them.

Whether you are an independent author, an online bookstore, or a publishing company, using book wrap mailers is crucial in maintaining your reputation for delivering quality books. By investing in these mailers, you demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and the safe delivery of books.

Book wrap mailers also help you minimise shipping costs as their lightweight design ensures you don't spend unnecessary money on extra packaging materials. With their user-friendly design, they make packing and sealing books a breeze, ultimately saving you time and effort.

In a world where online shopping for books is rapidly growing, the importance of reliable book packaging cannot be overstated. By using book wraps, you give your customers peace of mind, knowing that their books will arrive undamaged and ready to be enjoyed.

Ensure the secure shipping of your books with book wrap mailers – the reliable solution for protecting your literary treasures every step of the way!

Packaging Materials for Book Wrap Mailers

Corrugated Board: Durability and protective properties.

Corrugated board is known for its exceptional durability and protective properties, making it suitable for packaging heavier and larger books. Its unique structure, with fluted inner layers and outer linerboards, provides excellent resistance against compression and impacts. This ensures maximum protection for books during transit. Corrugated board is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. All of our book wraps are made from corrugated board and feature plastic free opening system.

Shipping and Mailing Factors for Book Wrap Mailers

When it comes to shipping and mailing book wrap mailers, there are several factors to consider. From postage methods to carrier services, staying compliant with postal regulations, and ensuring the convenience of tracking shipments, there are important guidelines to follow. Additionally, labeling and addressing instructions play a crucial role in successful delivery.

Postage Methods: Comparison of different mailing options

Choosing the right postage method for your book wrap mailers is essential. It's important to compare different mailing options to determine the most cost-effective and efficient solution. Factors to consider include weight, destination, and delivery timeframe.

Carrier Services: Choosing the right shipping partner

Selecting the right carrier service is crucial for a smooth shipping process. Assessing the reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness of various shipping partners will help ensure that your book wrap mailers reach customers in a timely and secure manner.

Postal Regulations: Compliance requirements and guidelines

Complying with postal regulations is vital to avoid any mailing issues or disruptions. Familiarise yourself with the specific requirements and guidelines set by the postal service to ensure your book wrap mailers conform to all necessary rules.

Tracking: Importance of tracking shipments for customers

Providing customers with tracking information for their shipments is crucial for a positive shipping experience. Knowing the whereabouts of their orders instills confidence and allows customers to plan accordingly. Make sure your book wraps come with tracking options to enhance customer satisfaction.

Labeling and Addressing Instructions: Best practices and guidelines

The correct labeling and addressing of book wrap mailers is essential to prevent delivery errors. Following best practices and adhering to specific guidelines provided by postal services ensures that your shipments reach the intended recipients without any issues.

Packaging Design and Customisation for Book Wrap Mailers

Importance of Packaging Design: Branding and customer experience

When it comes to book wrap mailers, packaging design plays a crucial role in creating a lasting impression on customers. Not only does it protect the book during shipping, but it also acts as a powerful branding tool. A well-designed package can enhance the overall customer experience and make your brand stand out.

Custom Printing and Branding Opportunities: Enhancing brand visibility

Custom printing options for book wrap mailers give you the opportunity to showcase your brand's unique identity. By including your logo, tagline, and other branding elements, you can increase brand visibility and create a sense of professionalism. Customisation allows you to make a statement and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Logo Placement: Strategies for effective brand recognition

The placement of your logo on book wrap mailers is crucial for effective brand recognition. Consider placing your logo prominently on the top or the side of the package, where it is easily visible. This ensures that your brand is instantly recognisable and helps to build customer trust and loyalty.

Color Choices and Graphic Elements: Creating visually appealing packaging

When designing book wrap mailers, color choices and graphic elements are essential in creating visually appealing packaging. Consider using colors that align with your brand's identity and evoke emotions that resonate with your target audience. Incorporating eye-catching graphic elements such as patterns or illustrations can also make your packaging more engaging and memorable.

Environmental Sustainability of Book Wrap Mailers

As we strive towards a more sustainable future, it is crucial to consider the environmental impact of our packaging choices. Book wrap mailers offer several eco-friendly options that promote sustainable practices in the industry.

Eco-friendly Packaging Options: Promoting sustainable practices

Book wrap mailers are available in a variety of eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paperboard and corrugated cardboard. By using these materials, we reduce the demand for new resources and minimize the strain on the environment.

Furthermore, many book wrap mailers are made from renewable resources, such as bamboo, which grows quickly and requires minimal water and pesticides during cultivation. Choosing packaging materials from sustainable sources helps protect our forests and promotes responsible land use.

Recyclability, Biodegradability, and Compostability: Environmental benefits

Book wrap mailers are designed to be easily recyclable, allowing them to be repurposed into new materials. By recycling these packaging solutions, we divert waste from landfills and conserve valuable resources.

In addition to recyclability, some book wrap mailers are biodegradable and compostable. These packaging options break down naturally over time, returning to the environment without causing harm. By choosing biodegradable or compostable materials, we can significantly reduce waste and lessen our environmental impact.

Other Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Innovations to reduce environmental impact

Book wrap mailers are just one example of sustainable packaging solutions available today. Constant innovations in the packaging industry contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.

For instance, there are packaging options made from plant-based plastics, which offer similar functionality to traditional plastics but are derived from renewable resources. These plant-based plastics can be recycled alongside conventional plastics or biodegrade naturally, depending on the specific formulation.

Furthermore, advancements in packaging design have led to the development of lightweight materials that require fewer resources to manufacture and transport. By using these lightweight packaging solutions, we reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with shipping.

By embracing these sustainable packaging alternatives, such as book wrap mailers, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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