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Illustration of how centralise packaging management and supply through PakPortal works for multi-site businesses such as Fashion retailers, cosmetic brands, chain stores, etc.

Welcome to PakPortal

Effortless packaging management across multiple locations
PakPortal enables streamlined, consolidated and efficient packaging buying power and control for multi-site businesses nationwide.
For every order placed on PakPortal we'll plant 1 tree.
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Built for businesses with multi-site networks, PakPortal simplifies packaging management, offering consistent supply of your own branded packaging, delivered within 24 hours at the click of a button.
3 x mobile phones, showcasing the PakPortal website login, ordering and checkout flow with whitelable branding3 x mobile phones, showcasing the PakPortal website login, ordering and checkout flow with whitelable branding. This image is sized for mobile devices.
Effortless reordering across multiple locations
Consolidated reporting and invoicing
Next day shipping throughout the UK
Centralised control of packaging usage and spend
Packaging and consumable spend reduction
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PakPortal Benefits

Store managers can reorder packaging quickly and easily via mutliple devices through our mobile web app, making the process as efficient and straightforward as possible.
a picture of a woman who works for a highstreet fashion retailer, scanning in a QR code to reorder packaging through PakPortal

Centralised Ordering for Maximum Efficiency

PakPortal consolidates packaging orders across your entire network, simplifying the reordering process and reducing administrative overhead.

Economies of Scale, Cost Control & Free Shipping

By pooling supply from one source, businesses can benefit from lower cost per unit, meeting MOQs for bespoke branded packaging as well as lowering logistics and storage costs.
a woman in a white shirt, point at her phone and smiling. On the screen of the phone is the checkout flow demonstrated for PakPortal, an internal store to store packaging management platform for nationwide consolidation of packaging supply
A store worker sitting at a desk with an tablet device like an ipad, reordering packaging. The background is stacks of cardboard shipping boxes on shelving - like a store room at the back of a shop

Enhanced Inventory Management

Limit and control packaging access on a site-by-site basis, ensuring each location only orders what it needs, preventing overstocking and reducing waste.
Interested in learning how PakPortal can help your business reduce costs, consolidate, minimise waste and more? Contact us on the link below.
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