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How to Choose the Right Cardboard Boxes for Shipping

No Comments    |        |    April 3, 2024    |    Reading time 3 minutes
cardboard boxes of varying sizes sealed with packing tape

Navigating the complex world of shipping can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the right packaging. The difference between a damaged item and a perfectly delivered product often lies in the selection of appropriate cardboard boxes.

This guide dives into the essentials of selecting the right cardboard boxes for your shipping needs, touching on things such as material specifications through to environmental considerations.

Whether you're dispatching items domestically or across borders, dealing with cumbersome or heavy products, or navigating the intricacies of shipping tariffs, we've got you covered with practical tips, key considerations, and advice.

Table of Contents

Understanding Cardboard Box Specifications

When selecting a cardboard box, the material's quality and specification play pivotal roles in ensuring your items' safety during transit. The market offers various options, from single-wall E or B flute to double and triple-walled corrugated cardboard, each serving different packaging needs.

  • Single Wall E or B Flute: Ideal for lighter items, E flute has a thinner construction whilst offering decent crush resistance, while B flute provides a slightly thicker option with good stacking strength.
  • Double Wall: Combining two layers of corrugated material, double-wall boxes offer enhanced protection and are suitable for heavier items or products that require extra security during shipping.
  • Triple Wall: The ultimate choice for shipping extremely heavy or fragile items, triple-walled boxes combine three layers of corrugated material, offering unmatched strength and durability.

Going Green with Packaging

In today’s eco-conscious world, the environmental impact of your shipping materials is as crucial as their protective capabilities. Opting for boxes made from certified sustainable materials ensures your packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. Embracing recyclability in all aspects of your packaging, from the box itself to the use of recyclable paper tapes and paper void fill, can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

International Shipping and Tariff Considerations

Shipping items internationally adds another layer of complexity, requiring you to consider factors like the durability of your boxes against long transit times and the potential impact of tariffs.

Understanding how to optimise your packaging for shipping tariffs can lead to significant cost savings. For a deep dive into optimising e-commerce packaging for shipping tariffs, visit this detailed post.

Selecting the Right Box for Heavy or Bulky Items

Heavy or bulky items necessitate special consideration to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. Opting for double or triple-walled corrugated cardboard boxes can provide the necessary protection for these items. Additionally, ensuring that your packaging materials, like void fill and cushioning, are suitable for the item's weight and size is essential.

A Word on Recyclable and Eco-friendly Packing Solutions

The push towards sustainability in packaging is stronger than ever. Using recyclable paper tapes instead of plastic tapes not only secures your packages but also ensures they are fully recyclable at their end of life. Similarly, paper void fill offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap or air pillows, providing excellent protection while being environmentally responsible.

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Your Perfect Packaging Partner

Choosing the right cardboard box for your shipping needs doesn't have to be a challenge. With The Packaging Club, you have access to a wide range of cardboard boxes suitable for various applications, from lightweight to heavy-duty shipping needs. All our products are geared towards offering optimal protection while keeping an eye on sustainability.


Selecting the right cardboard boxes for shipping is a crucial step in ensuring your products reach their destination safely and in pristine condition. By considering the type of corrugated cardboard, environmental certifications, and packaging needs, you can make informed decisions that benefit your products, your customers, and the planet. Ready to find the perfect cardboard boxes for your shipping needs? Explore our selection at The Packaging Club, your go-to source for environmentally friendly and durable packaging solutions.

Choosing the right packaging solutions is more than just about protection; it's about making a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. With this guide, you're well on your way to selecting the best cardboard boxes for shipping, whether for domestic or international needs, all while keeping an eye on environmental considerations and tariff costs.

This article was written by...

Nathan Calvert

Nathan is Head of Digital at The Packaging Club. He has worked in the packaging sector for over 15 years across food, consumer electronics, FMCG ecommerce and more, both directly in-house or as a freelance consultant.

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