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Paper Void Fill Machines - Great for Efficiency & the Environment

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Paper Void Fill Machines

Installing a paper void fill machine can bring a host of benefits to your business: cost savings, efficiency, scalability, reduction of waste, ease of deployment, and perhaps most importantly improve sustainability, and ease of recycling for the end consumer.

Instead of using plastic bubble wrap or foam peanuts, a paper void fill machine pre-forms or creases paper to create the ideal cushioning material to protect your products during shipping.

How a Paper Void Fill Machine Can Help Your Business Save Money

Let's start with one of the most significant benefits associated with using a paper void fill machine – cost savings. Traditional packing materials, such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts, can be costly to purchase and dispose of.

These materials also take up valuable storage space. A paper void fill machine, on the other hand, uses recycled paper as a packing material, which is both cheaper and more sustainable. In addition, the paper used is more compact (until of course it is used in the paper void fill machine when it cleverly becomes more voluminous to fill in those gaps to keep your product safe during transit).

Sustainable Advantages of Using a Paper Void Fill Machine

A key advantage of using a paper void fill machine is the reduction of waste. Traditional packing materials, such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts, can create significant waste and are difficult to dispose of responsibly. A paper void fill machine, on the other hand, can more accurately dispense the fill creating less waste.

Additionally, our machines use recycled paper - which can also be recycled again after use. This all helps to keep waste out of landfills and promotes a more sustainable packaging cycle. Reducing the amount of waste your business generates improves your overall sustainability image and reduces your carbon footprint.

By using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials, you can communicate a positive message to your customers, showing that your company cares about the environment and is taking steps to reduce waste. This can help to improve customer loyalty and attract new customers who are looking for environmentally-friendly products.

It's no secret that mismanagement and unethical disposal practices of single use plastics have caused major damage to our environment, and as a result consumers are demanding that businesses make strides to reduce the amount of plastic used in their packaging. Just read up on some of the stats below:

  1. Single-use plastic waste accounts for around 50% of the plastic produced and is estimated to make up around 80% of marine debris. (Source)
  2. 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans each year. (Source)
  3. Plastic debris has been found in every ocean of the world and in all of the Great Lakes of North America. (Source)
  4. Plastic debris can transport invasive species that can cause economic and environmental harm. (Source)
  5. Plastic waste has been found in the stomachs of over 60% of seabird species and 100% of sea turtle species. (Source)

Switching to sustainable alternatives should be at the top of every business' corporate and social responsibility to-do list.

Streamline Your Operations with a Paper Void Fill Machine

Efficiency is another benefit of using a paper void fill machine. The machine can quickly and easily produce large amounts of void fill, allowing you to pack orders seamlessly and efficiently. This can help to reduce labour costs and improve overall productivity. Some of the models can also be set up to automatically cut the paper to the desired fill amount, further reducing packing time. Using a paper void fill machine improves fill accuracy too, no more chasing the loose foam peanuts around the floor! Not to mention, refilling the paper only takes seconds.

The Convenience of Using a Paper Void Fill Machine

Our paper void fill machines are convenient to use and easy to implement. They can be quickly deployed and are simple to move between packing stations. They also require minimal training to set up and operate. This means that you can make the change to paper void fill machines without disrupting your existing operations. Paper void fill machines are an excellent option if you are looking to increase your automation and streamline your process. Improving the speed of your operations can lead to better customer satisfaction and increased revenue!

The Perfect Machine that Fits Your Packing Needs

With a selection of paper void fill machines to choose from at The Packaging Club, your business can pick the perfect machine to match your product range and needs. Not only are these paper void fill machines efficient, but they are also environmentally friendly, using 100% ecological, unbleached and recyclable void fill material. These machines are designed to be user-friendly and reliable, with minimal moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Our range starts with the manually operated paper void fill dispenser, VF1, that's perfect for small to medium operations or those with limited access to electricity.

TPC VF2 Void Fill Machine
VF2 Void fill dispenser

The VF2 paper void fill dispenser is a lightweight, yet sturdy machine, that's easy to deploy and comes with built-in castor wheels. It's simple to use, with a pedal switch that lets you dispense the desired length of void fill.

VF3 void fill machine with cutter
VF3 Void fill dispenser with inline cutter

The VF3 paper void fill dispenser takes things up a notch with a programmable cutter for added efficiency and precision. You can set it to automatically dispense and cut void fill material to length and leave it running to fill up a dump bins with specific lengths of void fill material to be used at multiple packing stations.

High output paper void filling machine TPC-VF4
VF4 high capacity roll fed paper void fill dispenser

For businesses with higher capacity needs, the VF4 high output void fill dispenser is the ultimate choice. This machine can handle 700mm wide paper material in a variety of weights and has a roll-fed design for longer periods between refills. It also has a programmable length feature to reduce waste and a usage tracking system to monitor and control your packaging material spending.

Honeycomb Paper Dispenser for packing benches
W50 honeycomb paper dispenser

For a touch of luxury, the W50 uses honeycomb 3D paper wrap, making it ideal for items that require an extra special touch in terms of presentation.

Manual Void Fill dispenser hand operated UK supplied
VF1 Manual Void Fill dispenser

If you're a small business looking to invest in paper void fill, for it's cost savings and environmental benefits, our VF1 manual void fill dispenser would be a good unit for you. It's low cost, simple design and zero maintenance, makes it a great low cost point of entry.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional void fill packing materials that is cost-effective and sustainable, consider a paper void fill machine. It can improve your packaging process, reduce costs, and help your business become more environmentally friendly. At The Packaging Club, we offer a range of options, including packaging that don’t require any void fill!

However, for many items sending them in a box with a well-chosen void fill is the right choice. Investing in a paper void fill machine can help you to minimise waste while enhancing your brand image and customer satisfaction.

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