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Selling Posters Online? How to Ship Prints Safely - Flat or Rolled Up

No Comments    |    , ,     |    August 7, 2023    |    Reading time 4 minutes
How to ship posters and prints safely - this image shows a strong corrugated envelope for A4 prints and posters, and cardboard shipping tubes for shipping prints larger than A3 through to B0.

Selling posters online has surged in popularity, thanks to platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Not on the Highstreet. Knowing how to ship your posters or prints to your customers in perfect condition is almost an art form in itself.

The shipping choices you make reflect on your business's reputation. So, let's explore the classic dilemma of two popular shipping methods for prints - flat or rolled up. We will help you unravel the secrets behind each approach, exploring the perfect solution for shipping your posters securely and cost-efficiently.

Shipping Small Prints Flat - Unfolding the Beauty

Shipping prints in flat packages are best suited for mini posters A4 or smaller. 

There is a definite attraction to shipping your smaller posters in flat packaging. The presentation of a flat print suggests a professionalism that entices buyers. But, you do need to make sure that your prints arrive fresh and crisp to keep that quality product look.

To help your flat A4 prints arrive safely, heavy duty corrugated envelopes from The Packaging Club are a good choice. These solid paper board envelopes are strong and versatile, not to mention they have a long end opening and quick peel and seal closure that makes them fast to pack - keeping your packaging processes efficient too.

cheaper alternative to column pack envelopes - heavy duty corrugated cardboard envelopes

Vinyl record wallets also have many uses and are ideal for shipping square prints. Our exceptional vinyl record packaging, also known as LP mailers, are one of the strongest vinyl record packaging available. They are made with corrugated cardboard featuring rigid starched fluting material that helps protect not only records, as the name suggests, but prints of a similar size too. 

Vinyl Record Packaging - Corrugated Envelope style very strong

Shipping Large Prints Flat - Fortifying the Journey

If you want to ship larger prints flat, then you might need to do a bit more careful planning to protect your product in transit. 

The challenge lies in ensuring that these larger prints traverse the shipping process undamaged, to arrive in the best condition to your eagerly awaiting customers.

The best way to safely send larger prints, if you are shipping your prints flat, is to employ a multi-layered defense strategy. By carefully sandwiching the print or poster between multiple cardboard inserts, you create a shield against the perils of transportation. Moreover, reinforcing the edges with additional cardboard strips or edge protectors adds an extra layer of assurance. 

Whether you have small or large prints, these options for shipping prints and posters in flat packaging will help protect the prints or posters and enhance the overall presentation on 'unboxing', leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 

Shipping Rolled Posters - Postal Tubes are the Ultimate Solution

Shipping prints flat does have its benefits, but there is another option that has withstood the test of time. Cardboard postal tubes are unyieldingly reliable and cost-effective. Beyond flat envelopes, cardboard postal tubes present the ultimate solution

Whether you are shipping large prints, artwork, drawings, paintings, or posters to your customers, nothing beats the effectiveness of tubes to eliminate the risk of accidental folds or creases, preserving the pristine quality of your product as it embarks on its journey. Cardboard tubes will keep your posters securely rolled, safeguarding them from the hazards of rough handling and unpredictable transits.

Cardboard Tubes with White End Caps

At the Packaging Club, we have a large section of cardboard postal tubes in various sizes, ideal for prints from A3 to A2, A1, A0, and even larger formats! So when you are wondering how to post unwieldy prints or posters so that they arrive in perfect condition, tubes are your go-to solution.  

Our Packaging Club cardboard postal tubes are made from sustainable recycled cardboard fibres, wound with a water-based adhesive, and are considerably stronger and more crush resistant than other options. Our cardboard packaging tubes are a cost-effective option that does not compromise on safety, sustainability, or presentation. 

Cardboard postal tubes are also great for 'upcycling' and can be used for other purposes after they have fulfilled their shipping roles. Cardboard postal tubes are perfect for storing posters and prints too. Customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and promoting less packaging waste and reuse ideas is always a good decision. 

To Wrap Up

In the dynamic world of online e-commerce, you need to stand out. One way to do this is by having an excellent shipping rating. The choice between shipping flat and rolling up your prints or posters depends on your products and your business needs. Each holds its advantages.

If you are selling posters or prints online, whether they are delicate A4-sized creations or grand masterpieces, you can always enhance your customers' satisfaction by choosing good-quality packaging. Here at the Packaging Club, we have loads of options to help ship your prints safely. So, when you are looking for 400GSM solid paper board envelopes, Vinyl record wallets (not just for records!), or cardboard postal tubes, we have you covered. 

This article was written by...

EJ Sinclair

I’m a research advisor and writer. I write on a range of topics, and I’m always interested in expanding my fields. My background and Masters degree are in aviation technology, which I can apply to an array of industries.My goal is to provide readers with interesting perspectives that are both informative and engaging.When I'm not writing or working, I like spending time with my family, reading good books, going on interesting walks with my dog, or exploring new cycling paths. Always looking up at the sky.

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