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Cardboard Tubes for Shipping and Storing: From Artwork to Architectural Plans

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cardboard tubes for shipping plans and posters

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable way to ship your large prints, artwork, plans, or posters to your valued customers? Our selection of low-cost round cardboard postal tubes is what you need. Our cardboard tubes are ideal for shipping large-format prints and are perfect for storing and archiving architectural drawings, artwork, and more. Their sustainability, strength, and ease of recycling set our postal tubes apart, making them the superior choice for your packaging needs.

Shipping Large Format Prints and More:

Say goodbye to the days of worrying about oversized prints arriving in less-than-stellar condition. Our round cardboard postal tubes are like the superheroes of shipping, ready to rescue your large format prints from creases, crinkles, and all sorts of shipping mishaps. Whether you are shipping A3, A2, A1, A0, or even larger prints, our tubes provide an impenetrable fortress of protection.

Cardboard Tubes perfect for shipping posters

Architectural Drawings and Engineering Schematics

Tubes are well-suited for safely posting architectural drawings and engineering schematics. Our cardboard tubes come with end caps to prevent any external pressure or damage during transit and to further secure your prints so they will not slide out. With our cardboard tubes, you can confidently send your plans and designs, knowing they will reach their destination undamaged and ready for review or presentation.

Art, Prints, and Display Maps

You need not worry about unsightly creases ruining the aesthetic when shipping large display maps, beautiful artwork, or prints. By choosing our tubes, you can be sure your work will arrive flat, crisp, and ready to impress.

More Than Just Prints

These tubes are not just limited to sending prints and documents. Our cardboard tubes are perfect for shipping items requiring special care during transport, such as wallpaper, curtains, blinds, or even items like umbrellas or walking sticks. The sturdy construction of our tubes protects these items from being crushed or damaged and ensures that ‘pointy items' do not end up poking out the box during transit, so your packages arrive in perfect condition.

Storing, Protecting, and Preserving:

Bid farewell to faded colours. Our cardboard postal tubes are UV-proof, safeguarding your prints from harmful rays that can cause deterioration or discoloration over time. This protection makes sure that your artwork and prints retain their vibrancy and integrity. Whether you are storing prints for personal enjoyment, building an art collection, or archiving works for future reference, our cardboard tubes stand the test of time against UV damage.

Superior Strength and Sustainability:

Strength and sustainability go hand in hand with our cardboard postal tubes. We offer you shipping solutions that do not compromise on either. Our cardboard tubes are 1.5mm thick and made from recycled, multi-layered, spiral-wound cardboard for extra strength. If you are interested in how cardboard tubes are made, we have written a post on that too.

After serving their primary purpose, our cardboard tubes are 100% recyclable. The adhesive used is also water-based and environmentally friendly. Even the white mono-filament plastic end caps are 100% recyclable! Or you can upcycle your cardboard tubes first, using them for other artist purposes or storage solutions.

With our tubes, you can confidently ship your work while knowing you are making an eco-friendly choice.

Customised Cardboard Tubes, Just for You:

Every business is unique, and your packaging should reflect that. We've got you covered if you're looking for custom-printed tubes. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Let your imagination run wild and stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to discuss the options and let us help you make a lasting impression with personalized packaging.

How to Pack a Cardboard Tube:

Cardboard tubes do a great job of keeping your products safe during transit. But remember, the art of packing doesn't stop at choosing the right cardboard tube. Let's delve into 6 expert tips on how to roll your artwork and plans with care and precision:

  1. Choose the Perfect Fit
  • Select a tube that matches the length and diameter of your artwork or plans.
  • Avoid the temptation to squeeze your work into a tube that's too small. Opt for one of our large tubes to accommodate your needs comfortably.
  1. Mind the Depth of End Caps
  • If you're using end caps for that extra layer of protection (which we highly recommend), keep in mind the depth they add to the tube.
  • Our end caps are 11mm each, so factor in their thickness when determining the overall size of your rolled work.
  1. Consider Using Acid-Free Tissue Paper
  • Before rolling your artwork or plans, consider adding a layer of acid-free tissue paper over the surface.
  • This delicate barrier acts as a shield, preventing smudging, sticking, or damage during the rolling process.
  1. Roll with Care
  • Start rolling your artwork or plans from one end, applying gentle pressure to ensure a tight and even roll.
  • Take your time and handle your work carefully.
  1. Avoid Over-Tightening
  • While a snug roll is good for stability, avoid rolling too tightly, as it can cause creases or even damage your precious artwork.
  • Strike the perfect balance between secure and gentle to preserve the integrity of your work.
  1. Secure for Transport
  • To keep your roll intact, use rubber bands or acid-free archival tape.
  • Place these at both ends and the middle of the roll for added stability during transit.

Whether you are a supplier, an architect, an interior designer, or an artist, you can rely on The Packaging Club's cardboard tubes to maintain the integrity of your products and work and provide an excellent customer experience, all while making sustainable choices. 

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