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7 Reasons why Printed Cardboard Boxes are Great for Business

No Comments    |    ,     |    March 14, 2023    |    Reading time 3 minutes
custom printing on cardboard boxes - cardboard boxes designed for Mattel Toys

Cardboard boxes needn't be boring, they present an opportunity for your business to stand out from the competition. The benefits of custom printing cardboard boxes include increased brand awareness, a professional look thanks to the ability to customise the boxes with logos, colors, and other design elements.

Custom printing postal packaging such as cardboard boxes allow businesses to stand out from their competitors, making them more recognisable to customers. Custom printed boxes can even help reduce packaging costs by removing the need for costly labeling.

Benefits of bespoke printed cardboard boxes include:

  1. Increased brand recognition
  2. Professional look
  3. Stand out from competitors
  4. Increased customer loyalty
  5. Cost savings by eliminating costly labeling and packaging
  6. Ability to customise boxes with instructional messages and product information
  7. Environmentally friendly, replacing labelling and inserts with eco-friendly print

How do custom printing cardboard boxes Increase brand recognition?

Custom printing cardboard boxes with logos and vibrant brand colors will help to increase brand recognition. These boxes are designed to help businesses showcase their brand and by incorporating custom designs and logos on the packaging, businesses can create unique visual identities that distinguishes them from their competitors.

One of the key benefits of custom printing cardboard boxes is that they help businesses create a lasting impression on customers. When customers receive a package in a custom-designed box, they are more likely to remember the brand and associate it with positive experiences. This has potential to lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Another advantage of custom printing cardboard boxes is that they can be tailored to specific products - meaning that businesses can create packaging that is perfectly suited to the product it contains and tie it all in with the brand ethos. For example, a company selling eco friendly and plastic free goods should be shipping their product in boxes that are plastic free, certified sustainable and printed with eco friendly, plant-based inks.

custom printed cardboard boxes for Mattel toys
Custom printed cardboard boxes for Mattel Toys doubles as a child's play mat

Can custom printing boxes improve customer loyalty?

Yes, through creating a unique and attractive look, your customers can more easily recognise and remember a brand. Custom printed boxes create a professional look that customers will associate with your brand, making them more likely to trust and be loyal to your business.

Creating a quality unboxing experience can help to make a customer feel special which will further help to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, which can lead to long-term increased sales and repeat customers.

Can printed cardboard boxes save a businesses money?

If done correctly, custom printing cardboard boxes can help to save businesses money by eliminating the need for costly labeling and marketing materials such as brochures and inserts. Bespoke printed boxes will also reduce on labor costs needed to insert marketing material during dispatch.

Let's talk packaging

Working with us to create custom printed boxes provides an easy, cost-effective way to increase brand recognition and make your products stand out from the competition. Our boxes are made in the UK with high quality materials and are designed to be durable and protective.

We offer a variety of customisation options, so you can create a unique look that customers will recognise and remember. Working with multiple UK-based manufacturers, our prices are competitive and we can offer fast turnaround times, ensuring that you can have your custom printed boxes delivered to you quickly and easily.

Let us help you create the perfect custom boxes for your business today!

Learn more about our bespoke packaging service here.

This article was written by...

Nathan Calvert

Nathan is Head of Digital at The Packaging Club. He has worked in the packaging sector for over 15 years across food, consumer electronics, FMCG ecommerce and more, both directly in-house or as a freelance consultant.

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