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4 reasons why Cardboard Tubes are Best for Shipping Documents

No Comments    |        |    June 19, 2023    |    Reading time 4 minutes
Stack of documents on a shelf next to a cardboard postal tube

Are hard copy documents a thing of the past or a timeless necessity? In a world driven by digital communication, it's easy to overlook the enduring importance of tangible records. Sending hard copy documents may appear outdated, but there are numerous situations where physical records remain indispensable, and cardboard tubes emerge as the unsung heroes in ensuring their safe transport and protection. At the same time, cardboard tubes can also be an added business statement when posting hard copy documents.

In this article, we explore some of the reasons why sending hard copy documents in cardboard tubes remains as relevant and important as ever - highlighting the role of cardboard tubes in preserving document integrity, meeting legal requirements, enhancing professionalism, and catering to niche applications.

1. Safeguard Document Integrity with Cardboard Tubes

The need for hard copy documents arises time, and time again, whether it's an invaluable certificate, a legally binding contract, or an original piece of artwork awaiting its journey. The tangible nature of these documents gives them an inherent value, making it even more essential that they arrive at their destination unscathed. 

Cardboard tubes are your answer as the reliable guardians of document integrity. With their rigid construction and secure end caps, these tubes ensure that the contents remain intact and protected, safeguarding the integrity of the documents. Sending documents in cardboard tubes prevents bending, tearing, or moisture damage during transit.

Perhaps most importantly, unlike electronic files, physical documents in cardboard tubes cannot be as easily altered, corrupted, or tampered with. So by sending your documents in cardboard tubes, you ensure the authenticity and reliability of the information, an advantage digital files cannot always replicate.

2. Cardboard Tubes as a Practical Option for Specialised Requirements

Beyond their role in preserving document integrity, cardboard tubes prove to be an invaluable solution for specialized requirements in various industries. Consider the world of architecture, where intricate blueprints and engineering drawings demand physical presence to capture the complexities of the design. Similarly, large-scale artwork requires the tangible experience to appreciate its grandeur fully. In such cases, cardboard tubes become practical saviors, securing the safety and integrity of these specialized documents throughout the delivery process.

cardboard postal tubes for documents

Physical records are still used in fields where legal compliance, audits, and regulatory frameworks prevail. Governmental organizations, financial institutions, and legal entities often mandate hard copy documents to ensure traceability and maintain the necessary paper trails. Cardboard tubes offer a reliable means of sending these important legal documents, assuring their safe and verifiable delivery.

Additionally, if you have documents to post, sending your documents in a cardboard tube means you don't have to worry about whether your 'do not bend' stickers will be seen. You also don't have to fold your document, keeping a more professional appearance. For artwork or archival documents, cardboard tubes are useful for storage too!

3. Use Cardboard Tubes to Enhance Professionalism and Personal Touch

The act of physically sending documents in well-packaged cardboard tubes conveys professionalism, trustworthiness, and a personal touch. For example, sending hard copy contracts, proposals, or marketing materials adds a level of sophistication to the interaction. This tangible representation of effort and attention to detail leaves a lasting impression on recipients, strengthening business relationships and establishing a sense of reliability.

Another noteworthy advantage of using cardboard tubes for sending hard copy documents is the opportunity for enhanced branding and customization. Packaging is an integral part of the overall brand experience, and carefully selecting packaging materials can add value to your business. Using good quality cardboard packaging tubes is key. At the Packaging Club, you can even personalise your cardboard tubes with our bespoke packaging.

Cardboard tubes offer a versatile canvas for showcasing your brand identity. You can personalize the cardboard tubes with your company logo, slogan, or specific design elements that reflect your brand's aesthetics and values. This level of customization adds that professional touch and helps reinforce brand recognition. So go ahead and contact us to find out more about the Packaging Club's branding options. 

4. The Role of Cardboard Tubes to Embrace the Tangibility of Hard Copy Documents

In an era dominated by digital communication, don't underestimate the importance of cardboard tubes for sending hard copy documents. Behind the scenes of the digital frenzy lies an enduring appreciation for the tangibility of hard copy records. 

By using cardboard tubes to send hard copy documents, you not only protect the contents but create an effective branding tool, fostering a professional and impactful brand image throughout the entire communication process.

So, when choosing packaging materials for your document transportation needs, always select high-quality packaging tubes. The Packaging Club, a trusted name in the industry, offers a diverse range of high-quality cardboard tubes in different sizes to suit your unique requirements. And remember, we can add your bespoke branding. 

This article was written by...

EJ Sinclair

I’m a research advisor and writer. I write on a range of topics, and I’m always interested in expanding my fields. My background and Masters degree are in aviation technology, which I can apply to an array of industries.My goal is to provide readers with interesting perspectives that are both informative and engaging.When I'm not writing or working, I like spending time with my family, reading good books, going on interesting walks with my dog, or exploring new cycling paths. Always looking up at the sky.

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